Food, beverages and more

Food, beverages and more

Welcome at the center of Resort Limburg, being the place which is exceptionally suited for enjoying together the delicacies of the hospitable province of Limburg!

Numerous activities during the seasons are making your stay very agreeable. Regularly social evenings, live music appearances, fairs and fantastic children-animations are  being organized. A lot of sociability is guaranteed.

Next to the restaurant "Friends 'n Bites" you can also take a look at the nostalgic village square with a music summerhouse (gazebo) and characteristic (stylish) facades. Here  you'll also come across the  "Tast & More - Family Take Away Restaurant", where you can eat a lot of delicious food,  such as Flemish fries , an authentic "Hamburger" of your choice, American pancake and a lot more.

There's also an ice ceam saloon, an enjoyable  pub bearing the pleasant name "The Sweet Invasion" and a splendidlyy thematized party room, called the "Royal Plaza". The outside terraces around the building have been spaciously set up with enough sitting space and nice views.

Of course a lot of attention has been paid to play & pleasure for the benefit of both young and old.

And yes!  For a children party you can also come to us! Please ask our staff. They'll be delighted to help you further!

Restaurant "Friends 'n Bites"

Restaurant "Friends 'n Bites", enjoying yourself "as God in France".

In our restaurant  you're in the right place to have a delicious snack or an extensive dinner "a la carte". During fair weather conditions you can also go and sit on the cozy terrace  and enjoy the wonderful view on the recreation lake.

The little ones between 3 and 11 can climb and clamber to their hearts content in the indoor or outdoor playground. 

The distinguished lounge and the restaurant are bound to each  other. It's the ideal place to quietly enjoy a drink at the open fireplace. Or choose to have an intimate dinner with a vew on the recreation lake. The lounge can also be booked for festivities, parties or meetings with a maximum of 70 persons. It's also possible to have a dinner a la carte in the lounge as well as stand-up buffets  for more than 40 persons.

Just ask one of our staff members for more information or visit the Friends 'n Bites website.

Village square of Resort Limburg

The romantic village square is situated between the various hotel-restaurant-café businesses. You can sit there in the sun  feeling nicely relaxed, while having a bite together or watching the kids as they are having fun. In and around the "Royal Plaza"most of the children activities are taking place together with our animation team. In the "Royal Plaza" there is a lot of playing & pleasure on the inflatable climbing frames, as a result of which the little ones still are pleased even when the weather happens to be a bit disappointing. On rthe village square are also several climbing frames situated, on which the children can let themselves go.

On the outside platform (stage) regularly shows are being given both by the animation team and by live artists.Together they are taking care of the amusement during the fairs which are regularly organized. But these shows are also being given when there are no fairs. Of course you and your kids will not be short of tasty morsels and drinks! 

"Taste & More" - Family take-away restaurant

"Taste & More", a unique eating experience for the whole family!

In the "Taste & More" Family Take Away Restaurant,  you'll  fetch the most delicious things to eat. Varying from Flemish fries , a hamburger of your choice, an American pancake to a delicious snack. In the ice cream saloon you'll get a tasty "ice cream to be consumed out of your hand", but also an overdelicious ice cream coupe,  abundantly decorated with fruits and whipped cream .You can eat all these  delicacies together, while enjoying a drink in the neighbouring pub, called  "The Sweet  Invasion", in the "Royal Plaza"or on the outside terrace of the sociable village square.

Cafe "Den Zeuten Inval"

Cafe "Den Zeuten Inval", exceptionally suited for the kind of sociability, which is typical for the province  of Limburg.

Drop in at the traditionally old fashioned Cafe "Den Zeuten Inval" and experience an enjoyable evening out!

Meet your friends there and share the sociability with them while drinking  a delicious  glass of beer and enjoying  a nice piece of music. During the high season  on friday nights  you can enjoy  live music performed by local musicians  or recorded music professionally  presented by a  disc jockey.

Party room "Plaza Royal"

"Plaza Royal", you can't figure out what you're going to come across in this place: here we're kind of getting "loose" in a nice and agreeable way"!

The "Plaza Royal" is aituated at the fairy-tale like village square. In this pleasantly equipped party lounge , there's a lot of play & pleasure as well as animation to enjoy during the daytime . This way among other things your kids can let themselves go while romping on the play- cushions. In this place you and your children can also  finish eating  the  snacks , which you have bought at the take-away resyaurant "Taste & More".  In short (briefly speaking), "Plaza Royal" is the ideal bad weather provision during your stay.

Furthermore sociable evenings with live entertainment are being regularly held in the "Plaza Royal". Please consult the relevant items on our agenda . Also bingo evenings are regularly being organized.

The characteristic  party room (lounge) "Plaza Royal" is without any doubt an excellent location to have a perfect party. And this not only counts for grown people.  You're also more than  welcome to  celebrate that particular jolly children's party or birthday party during your stay in our park. Our enthusiastic staff members will do their utmost to make an unforgettable day out of it.

And in case this isn't all we have to offer yet, you're also wholeheartedly welcome to join a wedding party or an employees party till a maximum of 300 people. Moreover in the "Plaza Royal" for example you can enjoy a buffet, which is being prepared  in cooperation with the kitchen staff of the restaurant of "Hommelheide" and/or of the "Taste & More" restaurant.

Besides the "Plaza Royal" is a perfect location on behalf of people wo are coming from far away to join a special occasion . On the park there are several possibilities to spend the night .

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